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Customer reviews
     I recently had an oven clean from Brentford Cleaning Service and they did a super job. I wasn't home much because of work, and the oven hadn't been cleaned for a long time! This company were a huge help and got rid of the grime and grease and left the oven hygienically clean for a good price.
Benjamin Edwards13/01/2016
      Cleaners Brentford are my number one choice for any kind of house cleaning these days. I've been a user of different companies from across the area in the past, but I don't think I've found anyone who has managed to quite so brilliantly balance price, results, and just a general sense of friendliness among the team. More than happy to pass their name on to anyone who wants help in the home.
Teresa Wright05/11/2015
     There was a stain in my office's meeting room that always embarrassed me. It wasn't too significant, but I always hated the idea that a client or partner would see it. Feeling enough was enough, I called up Cleaners Brentford in hopes they could help. They managed to do this for me and I am grateful. It's as if the stain was never there, so I can pretend it wasn't.
Luke Burrows31/07/2015
     I thought my carpets were too old and unclean to ever look good again, but instead of paying to replace them, a friend suggested I try a professional carpet cleaning service. Brentford-Cleaners were a company right within my price range, and their service seemed to be very professional. When I hired my cleaner I was very pleased to see how dedicated and experienced he was, and the cleaning process was done quickly and even dried very fast as well. My carpets look as good as new, and even old stains were removed! What a great service!
     The entire service I received from Brentford-Cleaners was absolutely outstanding! I've never seen my home looking so clean and tidy in all the years I've lived here and this won't be the last time I hire these professional and friendly cleaners to come and do my arduous housework! The cleaning team dispatched to me were all smiles and worked their fingers to the bone to remove those stubborn stains and marks from my bathroom tiles! Thanks so much for your efforts!
     Rug cleaning is something I always dreaded. I have a few of them in my home near the front and back doors and they quickly get dirty. I tried my best to keep them clean but to no avail. Wanting to return them to a clean state I asked Brentford-Cleaners for help. Their cleaner came to my home before I knew it with all the best tools. She wiped and washed the rugs thoroughly until o speck of dirt remained. I know I will be using their service again.
Michelle Chen18/12/2014
     I have a divan which is getting quite old but it is however precious to me as I have had it for so long. I looked on the net to see if there was any way that it could be cleaned and if so, would it be worth it given its age. That's when I found Brentford-Cleaners, a specialist upholstery cleaning company based local to me. I hired them and the end result was outstanding. My divan looks almost new and smells fresh and clean again.
Thomas W.24/11/2014
     Brentford-Cleaners have made my house look beautiful! Thank you so much. I wasn't that sure about hiring a cleaning company but after calling them up I'm glad I did. My father-in-law suggested it after they'd been around to his gaff and I can't say that my place has ever looked better! You know when you're pleasantly surprised by something and they follow through, well this is what I found with this business. I'll be happy to have them around again when I have the money and I think they did a great a job. Hassle free, good attitude!
Ella R.23/10/2014
     There's a bunch of cleaning companies that are based near me, but none of them really lived up to my expectations. I had a look, see what they had on offer, but they were all too expensive or didn't offer the level of quality that I was looking for. My friends recommended Brentford-Cleaners to me, though and it turns out they were the answer. They were cheap and easy to hire, and took care of everything for me. All of the dusting, scrubbing and polishing that usually sets my asthma off were suddenly tasks I didn't have to tackle! Thanks a lot for everything, I am very happy with the results.
Jodie H.29/08/2014
     I had a fair-sized one-bedroom flat which needed to been cleaned thoroughly because I was moving out and I wanted to be in the good books with the landlord for obvious reasons i.e. making sure he had nothing to complain about and I would get my deposit back. A workmate recommended Brentford-Cleaners and am glad he did because it was a job well done. In fact my landlord complimented me on how clean it was which says it all really (he wasn't one for giving compliments easily, trust me). So I can recommend this company especially for anyone who is needing a good end of tenancy cleaning company like I did.
Graham C.13/08/2014
     My kids manage to get dirt everywhere and I have no idea how they do it. Not just clutter either, its genuine dirt. I can't keep up with all of them on my so I looked into hiring help just to touch things up here and there while they went to nursery. I got the number of Brentford-Cleaners off of my next door neighbour who was always inviting us round to see her immaculate home. Since having a cleaner around, the mess has been so much more manageable and I'm not worried about any harmful germs my kids might get.
Sinead R.16/07/2014
     The difficulty we have with our tenants is getting them to organise an end of tenancy clean up and that causes us all manner of problems. However things have been so much easier since we found a cleaning company who can come and clean our properties thoroughly after tenants have left. Brentford-Cleaners can be booked on the same day that a tenant leaves to complete a full clean, and that includes the carpet cleaning and oven cleaning, and within a couple of hours the rented property is good to go and on the market again - these professional cleaners really have made a difference for us.
Luke Angels30/06/2014
     I was on the move and needed my new home cleaning before I moved into it. I had heard good reviews about a local company so decided to find out more details. I called Brentford-Cleaners and asked about the various deals. I was pleased with their attitude; they helped me through the different services. The quote the staff gave me as good value for money. The work I had done was brilliant. The cleaners worked hard all day until the place was shiny and clean. I would certainly suggest if you require a cleaning company to hire this professional company.
Yvonne Barnett12/06/2014
     If anyone out there needs a really good cleaning team, then you should give Brentford-Cleaners a try. They have changed my life in no uncertain way, and it is definitely for the better over all! I have been using them for a couple of years or so, and I look forward to Wednesdays when they come over and sort my house out, making it look clean and sparkling! Having a cup of tea and a biscuit with them afterwards is really nice as well, so I really do recommend them to anyone else out there that may be in need of such a fantastic service.
Janice Evans14/05/2014
     The hicks family have always used Brentford-Cleaners for their cleaning, and it is with great pleasure that I come on here to recommend them to everyone else. A great clean every time, no matter how badly the dog is malting, and they always seem to have time for a quick chat, or a bit of banter over the football, depending on who is round each week! We love having them over, and I'm sure that others will too, so be sure to try them out for an excellent cleaning service, at an incredible price!
Stuart Hicks29/04/2014