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17Apr 2014
Reducing The Stress And Boredom Involved In House Cleaning
Reducing The Stress And Boredom Involved In House CleaningWhen one considers the reasons that cleaning the house is so well hated on paper, it seems a little strange. You will no doubt understand that the work involved is not exactly strenuous - sure, scrubbing the oven for ten minutes will make your arm ache a bit, but it isn’t exactly working in a factory, or cutting down a tree. The rest of the work is entirely easy in comparison anyway. So, why do people hate cleaning so much? It seems to come down to a couple of factors. The first is that it takes time. This time is time that you could be spending doing other things, that are more fun or more productive. You don’t get paid for housework, so it isn't something that you want to put up with as it takes up your spare time. The other issue is that it is incredibly boring and repetitive, which makes the time that you do spend cleaning extremely hard, given as you would prefer be doing absolutely anything else. In order to solve the overall issue that cleaning can be, it takes a little will power, but it is not exactly difficult. A simple change in outlook is all you need to ensure that your cleaning blends in with the rest of your life quite nicely. So, to start, you need to reduce the time it takes to clean. This can be solved in a few ways. First off, you should think about how you clean. Are you cleaning in an efficient way? This means ensuring that the tools you use and the techniques you employ are the best possible for the cleaning of your individual home. There is no use in having the most powerful hoover ever made if it is so heavy that it takes you ages to take it up the stairs. The same goes for your mop and bucket - it needs to be sturdy and to hold water without slopping it everywhere as you get going. Think about the shape of your house and the size of your cleaning equipment. Could you be using steam to cover the large surfaces of your kitchen, or is a sponge and water going to work fine? You can also reduce the time that things take by doing them more often. This may sound silly, given that cleaning more often is pretty much the same as cleaning for longer, but taking three minutes to dust a room every week, is much better than taking ten every couple of weeks, as it means it is much less of a burden when you get round to it. Dividing and conquering the cleaning is the best way to think of it, and if you can get your mind in that frame, then you will be well set to deploy your excellently efficient arsenal of cleaning gear on a series of small and unobtrusive tasks that you can fit in amongst the rest of your day.If you can then distract yourself whilst doing these tasks with a great album, or a favorite book on tape, then the boredom aspect will be vanquished as well. This will simply leave you in a position where the cleaning becomes part of the fabric of your life, like showering or eating, rather than being a once in a blue moon burden that you fear and come to hate so much! These guides may sound easy, but they do take a little time and effort, so stick with it!